Find the right Maggies for you.
  • Minni

    MINNI MAGGIES can be used for sheer or finer fabrics. Perfect for a light jacket or a fashionable scarf! The MINNI MAGGIE is a small magnetic sphere partnered with a small nonmagnetic ring. When these two pieces are combined, they can hold any look, making your outfit one-of-a-kind.

    PRODUCT: Minni Maggies can be found in the TWIN PACK or TRIPLE PACK.

  • Middi

    MIDDI MAGGIES are perfect for holding together most fabrics. Ideal when combined with a nice cardigan or sizeable scarf. The MIDDI MAGGIES are the complete product for just about any fabric. It comes with a medium sized magnetic ball and ring. Fold your fabric accordingly, then add the MIDDI MAGGIE to secure a finished look!

    PRODUCT: Middi Maggies can be found in the TWIN PACK, TRIPLE PACK, COMBO PACK, or DELUXE COMBO PACK.

  • Megga

    These MEGGA MAGGIES are a must when tweaking heavier fabrics! They work perfectly with thick or heavy-duty materials, but are also gentle on lighter fabrics. This MEGGA MAGGIE includes a large magnetic ball paired with a fitted ring. Once you’ve adjusted the fabric to your liking, place the ball on the inside and the ring on the outside.

    PRODUCT: Megga Maggies can be found in the TRIPLE PACK.

  • Original Fashion Plates

    Original Fashion Plates provide a fashionable look for your MAGGIES. These Plates provide a double layer of protection for the magnet to prevent it from being attracted to metal objects or loss. Select your MAGGIE, then place the Plate over the magnetic ball and ring for a complete look. Fashion Plates are available in silver or gold.

    PRODUCT: The Original Fashion Plates can be found in the COMBO PACK, and DELUXE COMBO PACK.

  • Deluxe Fashion Plates

    Take your look to the next level with Deluxe Fashion Plates! These Plates offer a chic pattern to make your MAGGIES stand out! Every MAGGIE needs a Fashion Plate! These Plates are designed to cover the magnetic MAGGIE ball. They provide a fresh, yet fashionable, take on all MAGGIES.

    PRODUCT: The Deluxe Fashion Plates can be found in the DELUXE COMBO PACK.