Frequently Asked Questions

What are Maggies made of?

Both the ring and the magnetic ball are made of nickel coated steel.


Will Maggies tarnish or discolor?

Maggies should retain their color and shine and not need polishing. Do not allow them to come in contact with corrosive liquids as this could affect the shine.


What is the correct way to wear my Maggies?

The magnetic ball should be worn on the inside (except when worn with the protective Fashion Plates) and the ring on the outside. This will prevent the magnetic ball from being attracted to metal objects such as cars or shopping carts.

Are Maggies available in colors or designs?

No, Maggies are functional and not intended as jewelry. They are designed to be worn in ways to enhance your clothing. If you wish to decorate the ring it may be painted or embellished to suit your personal taste.


What is the best way to store my Maggies?

Ideally, store them in the plastic box in which they came. This will prevent them from becoming entangled with your jewelry. Alternatively, always put them in the same place in your closet. Anything metal makes an ideal storage venue where they will be comfortable and easily found!


What are the three sizes for?

MAGGIES come in three sizes, MINNI, MIDDI, and MEGGA. The MINNI MAGGIE is perfect for lightweight, or thin fabrics, while the MIDDI MAGGIE works on light or medium fabrics. The MEGGA works better on heavy fabrics. Having this variety of sizes allows you to wear any of the styles shown. Two MAGGIES are necessary to make jacket designs or some top designs.


Can children use them?

NO! Maggies are not toys and should be kept out of the reach of small children.


How can I share my new creative ways to wear my Maggies?

You may post your pictures on Maggies Facebook page to share with everyone.


Can I wear Maggies with a pacemaker?

Check with your doctor.