Margaret Sinclair

Margaret Sinclair

Inventor of Maggies

Margaret Sinclair, Inventor of Maggies

Margaret began her career in Australia as a registered nurse, midwife and pediatric nurse before moving to the USA in 1971 where she continued her career in Dallas, Boston and Richmond, VA before moving to London in 1981. While working in a Neonatal unit in London, she designed her first invention - a positioning product for premature babies.

 After returning to Dallas in 1984 she started a manufacturing business to develop and distribute her own line of products for patient positioning. She was awarded 7 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for inventions related to patient and infant positioning.

In 1986, she was named “Woman Business Owner of the Year” for Dallas by The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Dallas and was a nominee for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1987 when she also received an award from S.C.O.R.E. for her business ventures. She continued to grow her manufacturing business and sold to major retailers. Simultaneously, she designed, patented and developed a line of patient positioning products which were sold through medical distributors, hospitals and medical catalogues . She also established national networks of sales representatives to market and distribute her product line in both the healthcare and retail industries. 

In 1995 she began designing women’s apparel which she manufactured along with the medical and retail outlets and marketed her line of MASINALI ORIGINALS. In 2005, she sold one of her patents, along with her medical manufacturing business, to a medical business in California, and afterwards retired from business.

In October 2012, while vacationing at the beach, she saw a need for a way to fasten sarongs and after discovering that there was no way other than tying a knot, using a pin or stitching the fabric, she set out to find a way to accomplish this task. When she came across the ball magnet, she quickly associated it with a ring and found the answer to the problem and filed for her 8th patent which was issued in 2016 to be followed by a 9th and 10th soon after.

Deciding then that she should take this product to the market to see how it would sell she founded MyMaggies, LLC and launched her product to retailers at the Accessory Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, January 6, 2013. and then at the Accessory Show at the World Trade Show in Dallas.

Since starting MAGGIES, she has gone on to be awarded numerous Patent Awards at the Inpex Show in Pittsburg and ICAN invention show in Toronto.

She chose to be a wholesale manufacturer and has nearly 300 retailers in the USA, Canada and Australia and more recently, opened a store on Amazon USA. In 2018, Maggies Australia was started by a colleague and she is now close to realizing her dream of seeing her magnetic textile fasteners become a household name throughout the world. MAGGIES will one day become as common as Velcro and Zippers and the go-to product to change the way clothing is worn.