In 1984, she returned to Dallas and started a manufacturing business to develop and distribute a line of products based on patient positioning. She was awarded 7 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for inventions related to patient and infant positioning.

In 1986, she was named “Woman Business Owner of the Year” for Dallas by The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Dallas. In 1987, she was a nominee for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and also received an award from S.C.O.R.E. for her business ventures. Since that time, she’s grown her manufacturing business and sold to major companies such as Toys“R”Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Costco, Baby Super Stores, Major Medical Catalogues and hospitals products that she designed, patented and developed. She also established a national network of sales representatives to market and distribute her product line in both the healthcare and retail industries. 

Margaret continued to grow her business and occupied 6,000- to 12,000-square-foot factories in Carrollton and later in North Dallas employing more than 15, including handicapped and sheltered workshops. 

In 1995, while continuing to market to the medical profession, she began designing women’s apparel under the name of Masinali Originals and had a showroom at the Apparel Mart in Dallas before moving to the 14th floor of the World Trade Center. Her manufacturing business designed, cut and sewed products for both her clothing and medical products until 2005, when she sold one of her patents, along with her medical manufacturing business, to the Posey Company, a medical business in California, and afterwards retired from business.

In October 2012, Margaret designed one of her most exciting inventions, a Magnetic Textile Fastener, and applied for her 8th U.S. Patent. This invention was designed to hold several layers of fabric together and makes it possible to wear a flat piece of fabric such as a shawl, scarf or sarong in a multitude of new ways. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market. It will not damage delicate fabrics and can be used as a wardrobe staple by women of all ages and sizes.

Maggies were launched to retailers at the Accessory Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, January 6, 2013, and then at the Accessory Show at the World Trade Show in Dallas, Texas later in January. Maggies are made in the U.S.A. and are currently being sold by specialty boutique retailers.

Her 29 years of business experience have been invaluable for getting this new invention to the market in such a short period of time.