The Maggies Story

The Maggies Story

Rarely does an invention come to market which is so unique that it does not fit at least ONE existing category of products. MAGGIES are this rare jewel in the crown – a product line so unique, simple, multi-functional and versatile.

MAGGIES line of patented magnetic fabric fasteners can totally transform the way we wear clothing, decorate homes, set up camp sites and products which will remain a classic standard one hundred years from now just like the safety pin - which was invented in 1849. Maggies products are a cost-effective investment that are indeed a rare invention which will still have purpose into the 22nd century if there is a need for fabric fastening.

Maggies unique, patented BALL MAGNET with RINGS have totally transformed the fashion industry in a way that unlike any other recent invention, allowing us to improve garment designs within seconds to suit personal style, taste, and comfort while enhancing the overall appearance of basic clothing to suit our individual form, essentially allowing us the freedom to enhance clothing.

MAGGIES were created in 2012 by Margaret Sinclair when she discovered that there was not a solitary product available to fasten a beautiful sarong. The only items available were safety pins which were not an option on fine silks, leaving the sarong wearer no easy option other than tying bulky, unflattering knots. All other options available were stitching buttons or other means which required permanent alteration of the fabric.

The original patent was awarded by the USPTO in 2016 for the first ever “no-sew” TEXTILE FASTENER” since the safety pin was invented in 1849.

Since this discovery, she went from the single metal ring with a flat ring or washer coupled with a powerful Neodymium magnetic sphere, to a double layered protective button cover which prevents the magnet being attracted to metal objects and allowing the user to close buttonless jackets securely without fear of losing the magnet to nearby automobiles or metal objects.

Her third patent was awarded for the ball magnet with two smaller metal “O-rings” which allowed even more versatility and options for the users and this Maggie was called MAGGIE SNAPS, becoming the very first “Snap Fastener” which did not penetrate fabric in any way, was re-usable for many purposes and did not require tools or permanent alteration of fabrics.

MAGGIES secret to this line of products is the gently rounding of the magnet which clearly sets them apart from magnets of any other shape which would slip and slide with lateral pressure. The spherical shape of this rare earth magnet also prevents it from fracturing like all neodymium magnets can easily do, rendering them useless, if not dangerously sharp.

The versatility of these three patents allows users to wear clothing in a variety of exciting new ways, revolutionize the camping industry by allowing partitions to be attached temporarily to tents and so much more as well as the outdoor furniture industry to attach screens to umbrella’s or canopies or any other need to attach fabric to fabric. Home decorating is yet another way MAGGIES can be used repeatedly – these inventions are so multi-purpose and simple to use that they are guaranteed not to wear out or lose function.

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The full line of Maggies enables you to customize your fashion, create new home decorating designs or solve an array of household needs. It’s truly the most unique fastener on the market that is simple to use and will last a lifetime.


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