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Keep Your Hijab Safe & Secure

Keep Your Hijab Safe & Secure

With the advent of Ramadan 2022 (April 01 – May 01), it is time to consider new ways of caring for your hijab while at the same time keeping your hijab fabrics secure all day. With the use of invisible magnet snaps, from MyMaggies, you will no longer have to use ordinary safety pins that over time tend to ruin your scarfs with holes and snags. Consider MyMaggies the ultimate wardrobe hack that can hold fast through several layers of fabric.

Maggie came up with the idea of using magnets to securely attach fabrics together without pins or knots. Hence, the invention of “Maggie’s Snaps– fashion magnets designed to securely attach fabrics together without pins or knots. These magnificent magnets allow you to tie together any Hijab look in a snap! In fact, Maggie’s invisible magnet snaps can literally transform all of your wardrobe in an instance. They hold together the fabric of your choice, while leaving your materials completely unharmed.

Do you love silk, chiffon, moire, ninon, or any other type of delicate fabric? No problem for Maggie’s Snaps because there is no damage to the fabric. And the magnets are strong enough to hold several layers of your favorite fabrics together.

The Hijab

The purpose of the hijab head covering is to conceal a woman's hair, ears, and neck from male non-relatives and to identify her as a follower of Islam. Technically the word ‘hijab’ itself means ‘curtain’ or ‘hiding’ and refers to the Islamic principle of modesty. It does not in any way mean headscarf itself. It’s only in recent times that it has become synonymous with wearing the scarf to cover your hair. Women wear the hijab as a means of fulfilling the commandment of God to protect their modesty.

While each culture has its own unique way of wearing the hijab, a simply wrapped scarf framing the face remains the most versatile method of practicing modesty.

Hijab Style Guides

It may surprise you but there are many ways in which you can wear your hijab. Whether you're new to hijab and don't know where to start, or simply looking for a new style, these style guides may help.

Haute Hijab in New York has done a great job of creatively imaging these methods. See article here. There is the “Everyday Wrap,” the “No-Hassle Tassel,” the “Casual Chick,” the “Melanie,” the “Parisian Knot,” the “Whimsical Bow,” the “Side Twist,” the “Loose Drape,” the “Turkish Wrap,” the “Throwback” the “Chic Flare,” the “Side Knot,” the “Criss Cross,” the “Refined Turban,” the “Rosie-the-Riveter,” and the “Top Knot”.

Truth be told, there are thousands of styles to explore, but Haute Hijab considers their representations to be the definitive Hijab style guide. Do you agree?

Stylecraze has come up with 28 styles of wearing the Hijab, along with step-by-step techniques. From the Hijab simple style to a style to show earrings, to a winter style. Consider all these amazing styles and find the best look for you.

Let Maggies, help you create a new Hijab look with your favorite fabrics.

By the way, Maggies are not a toy, and should not be used by children. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical attention. Not advised for pacemaker wearers. 

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